Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Little Note :)

Hiyaa Guys
well im very sorry that I havent been posting recently I've been trying to bulid up
my tumblr (its gonna be great guys... followw)

Ohh yes it was my birthday on Monday soo.. soon I hope to get some photos up :)
Also I may start doing some outfit posts. Whatchaa think??

Ruby :) x

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Papa Dont Preach

Well today we had our rs gcse and I think I did okay.... who am I kidding I just babbled on and on..
Moving On I really wanna do a prize give away and I will do but i need some more followers first so tell your friends advertise me and soon I shall be able to get on with it. I was thinking make-up and jewelery if you have any ideas let me know and write a comment :)

I really wanna improve my blog so let me know whatcha think :)

Ruby :) x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Queens Of Hearts Check It Out :)

Okay so I have a new blog, I made it for our enterprise company which is going to sell jewelery. I've only done one post but check it out & become a follower and all that jazz coz' there will be more posts to keep you all smiling :D
Ooh yeaaa guys there might be prize give aways aswell :)

Ruby :) x

Ps im afraid I cant put it as a link as its not working sorry :(

Saturday, 8 May 2010

In Need Of A Holiday

Hi guys
So I go through this thing every now and then where I crave certain fruits which is actually really cool coz im trying to be healthy and stuff :). At the moment my fruit is passion fruit with honey, its like as good as chocolate well for me :D but I have been adicted to kiwi and Pears coz im cool aswell ;P
Today I went to our school fun run to raise money so that we can get loads of new books for the libary. You could run 2k or 4k but I did 2k because im lazy and so are most of my friends :) and we got a free t-shirt so thats always good.

I Need a Holiday (picture from enjoy)

Ruby :) x

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ginger Beard :)


I just thought I should introduce you to Wilf as alot of my photography is of him :). He is a Labradoodle (hehe I know cool name) which is a labrador and a poodle cross and he's massive but a definate BFG (big friendly giant) though loads of people are scared of him. He loves to be photographed and occasionally dressed up :)
Ooh Yes and he owns a ginger beard
Ruby :) x

Daisy :)


Well its almost my birthday (may 24th if you wanna buy me something ;) hint hint) and I dont know what I want... well i do kinda but im not suree. I saw this perfume called daisy by marc jacobs and i was wondering if its really worth asking for :/ so if you have it could you pleasee tell me if its good :) I would be very grateful.
Its pretty.
Ruby :) x

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bake me a cake, please?

Helloo Guys
I was just looking through some pictures on and found these little yummies :) I WANT THEMM soo bad. So now I really wanna bake or make something, you tell me, what do you like e.g cupcakes, cookies ect :)
Alsoo if you have any good recipes i would love to hear them!
Have a nice day :)
Ruby :) x