Saturday, 26 June 2010

Summer Lovingg....well, soon

Hiya Everyone
I haven't blogged in ages and im sorry :( Jeezee maynn my life has been busy and I have just had a writters block I suppose. But dont worry...I promise I will become a more regular blogger YAY for me and hopefully for you..

Well as you know its almost the summer holidays *scream* :D
And I've decided that I am going to make the most of it.. The list follows-
*See more than 1 movie
*Earn Money (not sure how but I will ;))
*Go shopping with the money
*Go swimming
*Get a tan
*Bake something that actually tastes good
*Go to the beach (devon)
*Go To The village fate (devon)
*Go to loads of car boot sales..Maybe get a stall if i have enough shit to sell

Omg this weekend it is hotter in London than it is in the Caribbean I Knoww WOWW :)
What are your plans and goals for the holiday?

Ruby :) x

Friday, 11 June 2010

Just got some fish scroll to the bottom of the page and press the water to feed them :) Funkyy eyy

Im ready for the weekend

Hiyaa Guys

Yayy!!!!! Finally the weekend has come but mine is gonnaa be really busy.. On Saturday im going to my kinesiology therapy thing. I love it so much (its hard to explain what it is so if you really need to or want to know google it) and I really suggest you try it or just get the chance to do it before you die because its really cool :). Then on Sundayim going to a primary reunion and were all meeting up in the park to have chats and eat food :D. Also because its the summer I need a new lipstick. Its like my thing a new summer a new lipstick *cough* or two or three lawl.

I give you a couple of pictures from to keep all you pretties enertained :)

On another note our enetprise company are selling scrabble rings (Pixie Lott has been seen recently wearing scrabble rings and necklaces) at about £3.00, we are most likely to sell them on ebay and when we do I shall post the link :)

Ruby :) x

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Heyy all
Well according to the Marie Claire website Topshop are going to be hosting some mini fests in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham thoughout June.
The London one is going to be held in Regents Park on the 12th of June. To read the whole article visit the website....

* take part in retro games
* Buy exclusive Topshop rain ponchos
* Hire roller skates for the day
Alsoo Jameela Jamil from T4 will be presenting it along with Miquita Oliver.
Pictures all from Marie Claire website :)
Thats all folks
Ruby :) x



Well im not sure of which header I want to have for Ruby And The Dinosaur soo I thought that you guys could help me out as you are the one who are going to be seeing it. All you guys have gottaa do is say picture 1 or picture 2 in the comments or if you think that you could do better than my 2 second D.I.Y's then have a go and email it to me at.........
I will love you forever :)
Ruby :) x
P.S. feel free to post your blog URL coz I love a good blog to read :)
I do not claim that any of these images are mine as they are off of an image sharing website.


Hey Guys
Well I dont really have anything to blog about :( hmm if you have any suggestions on what else you would like to read about on Ruby And The Dinosaur I would LOVEE to hear from you!
Here are a couple of pictures and you probably already know that they are from (I love that site hehe). I would also like to know if all you lovely people who read my blog if you would buy a mix of designer and vintage clothes from me because I did think about doing it but I didn't wanaa buy stuff that nobody wants to buy.. soo it would be great if you let me know about that :)
Ruby :) x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

In the need of some new jewellery

Hiya Guys

How has your day been, mine was great. I have the worst maths teach in the world. I seriously learn nothing and because she was being such a bitch everyone got their pens and flicked ink on her back when she was facing away from us hehe... my class is evil.

Anyway... I thought i should let you all know that i sold my miu miu :'( wahh. They hurt my feet soo much i couldnt stand it. I kinda wish I never coz they were such a good buy :/ Oh well on the bright side I got a 20 quid profit so thats all good.

Moving on I need more jewellery. My obession is getting out of hand :/
Hope you like the pictures they are all from
Hmm I really need to write less in my posts. Seriously let me know if they're getting to wordy.
Ruby :) x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Inspiration For Today

Hey Hey Guys
A couple of pictures from

Well today I went into the Cancer Research charity shop on Marylebone High Street right next to my school and I found Miu Miu heels for £50... a charity shop ahh how amazing is that!
Ruby :) x

Topshop Latest :)

This set costs £6.50 from Topshop :)

Hiya Guys

Well I was just visiting the Topshop website, as you do and noticed that they now sell temporary tattoos (ahh omg i know, cool right). I thought that it should be blogged about. Prices range from £4.00 to £6.50 but thats just on the website and im sure there will be many more designs in store. Be sure to check them out :)
Ruby :) x

Monday, 7 June 2010

Just a quick post of a couple of pictures that I found on
Ruby :) x

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Thinking unicorns and clouds

Hiya Guys

Sorry for my lack in posting recently, as it's been the holidays we went to our cottage in devon for the week which is b-e-a-u-tiful but there is no internet signal.... I know sad times :(
What did you get up to? Lemme know in the comments below.
My current want list
* Move aside LBD this summer its all about LWD. I cant wait to team it with bright red lipstick, and a middle parting boho hair style (see picture 2).
*Denim biker jacket worn with floral dresses.
*A bunch of cross pendants. I brought a jade one from a car boot sale for 50p ahaa I know :)
*A fat ginger cat. Like Garfield.
Well thats all for today folks.
Ruby :) x