Friday, 11 June 2010

Im ready for the weekend

Hiyaa Guys

Yayy!!!!! Finally the weekend has come but mine is gonnaa be really busy.. On Saturday im going to my kinesiology therapy thing. I love it so much (its hard to explain what it is so if you really need to or want to know google it) and I really suggest you try it or just get the chance to do it before you die because its really cool :). Then on Sundayim going to a primary reunion and were all meeting up in the park to have chats and eat food :D. Also because its the summer I need a new lipstick. Its like my thing a new summer a new lipstick *cough* or two or three lawl.

I give you a couple of pictures from to keep all you pretties enertained :)

On another note our enetprise company are selling scrabble rings (Pixie Lott has been seen recently wearing scrabble rings and necklaces) at about £3.00, we are most likely to sell them on ebay and when we do I shall post the link :)

Ruby :) x


  1. I LOVE scrabble necklaces, they are so gorgeous.
    Hope the sun is shining wherever you are, and thanks for your sweet sweet comment.
    Panda Loves you!
    panda xxx

  2. Blow pops.. omg I haven't seen those in foreverrr!