Saturday, 26 June 2010

Summer Lovingg....well, soon

Hiya Everyone
I haven't blogged in ages and im sorry :( Jeezee maynn my life has been busy and I have just had a writters block I suppose. But dont worry...I promise I will become a more regular blogger YAY for me and hopefully for you..

Well as you know its almost the summer holidays *scream* :D
And I've decided that I am going to make the most of it.. The list follows-
*See more than 1 movie
*Earn Money (not sure how but I will ;))
*Go shopping with the money
*Go swimming
*Get a tan
*Bake something that actually tastes good
*Go to the beach (devon)
*Go To The village fate (devon)
*Go to loads of car boot sales..Maybe get a stall if i have enough shit to sell

Omg this weekend it is hotter in London than it is in the Caribbean I Knoww WOWW :)
What are your plans and goals for the holiday?

Ruby :) x

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