Wednesday, 9 June 2010

In the need of some new jewellery

Hiya Guys

How has your day been, mine was great. I have the worst maths teach in the world. I seriously learn nothing and because she was being such a bitch everyone got their pens and flicked ink on her back when she was facing away from us hehe... my class is evil.

Anyway... I thought i should let you all know that i sold my miu miu :'( wahh. They hurt my feet soo much i couldnt stand it. I kinda wish I never coz they were such a good buy :/ Oh well on the bright side I got a 20 quid profit so thats all good.

Moving on I need more jewellery. My obession is getting out of hand :/
Hope you like the pictures they are all from
Hmm I really need to write less in my posts. Seriously let me know if they're getting to wordy.
Ruby :) x

1 comment:

  1. I really want that rabbit ring in the second picture. Whenever I want more jewelry I either: A) Steal from friends or
    B) Go thrift shopping.
    Both work. =]
    And you have a new follower.